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Immerse Crew Daily White 2 PACK

Immerse Crew Daily White 2 PACK

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Immerse Performance Daily sock brings comfort to you day with our cushioned, breathable and moist wicking material

Care Instructions

Immerse Performance socks can be washed on warm. Possible to be placed with other colours.

Tumble dry setting on low


76% combed cotton, 6% polyamide, 15% polyester, 3% spandex


Please allow 5-7 business days for orders to arrive

How to wear

Immerse Performance grip socks are engineered to grip both your foot and footwear simultaneously, requiring direct contact with both for optimal effectiveness.

Athletes who wear knee high socks, frequently customize their game socks by removing the foot section, creating a sleeve that they can layer over Immerse Performance grip socks. This method enables the grip socks to function well while they continue wearing their team-issued game socks.

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