Here at Immerse Performance, we have brought together the fine details of British and American sporting cultures, to produce one of the most sought-after grip socks on the market. Quickly recognized by the adaptive stickiness of our grips and finely picked materials, Immerse Performance is chosen by the individual looking to take their game to the next level.

Brought to life in 2022, Immerse Performance has not only paved a way in the grip sock market but has opened a following of huge success. Navigating through both Europe and the USA, Immerse Performance has excelled with the understanding of every athlete’s needs. We are very excited to increase the performance around the world.


Grey, the color of leadership and control. The Immerse Lock in technology aspires to break the rules. Grey is for people who expect to take their game seriously. As a color that is highly respected, we have transferred this character into our socks. Immerse Performance will provide the dynamic edge to increase your authority.

To ensure the best quality possible, each Immerse Performance product has been thorough a rigorous quality assessment check before being sent out to our athletes.

The purpose behind our Immerse Performance Lock in Technology is to improve performance by absorption of sweat, prevention of stubborn blisters and increased foot security.

Unleashing ultimate performance and support with specific placement of our Lock in technology, the Immerse design has the ability to transfer balance and power throughout all areas of your feet.

Handcrafted breathable material, not only creates maximum sole comfort but the Immerse Lock in allows your feet to fully perform at an optimum temperature.