Why Grip Socks

Anti - Slip
Providing a grip between your sock and your shoe allows your foot to be more locked in and secure. The Immerse Performance lock in grips produces maximum performance in all round climates.
Blister Prevention
With your foot not sliding and creating friction in your shoe, it stops the onset of blisters.
Change of Direction Speed
Having more grip allows your foot to be more connected to the ground which means being able to plant your foot and forcefully change direction without losing traction like you would if your foot was to slip.
Injury Prevention
Feet slipping in shoes (especially if shoes are the wrong size) can cause ankle, foot and knee injuries. The number one reason fo rolling your ankle is your foot slipping inside the shoe and not having stability. The grips prevent this.
Increased Power
Using the ground to create power is a simple physics equation, the more force you put into the ground, the more you get out. Using the ground to forcefully explode for power and speed is made easier by having your foot secured. If your foot is moving in your shoe, you create less force.
Breathable Material
The top of our Immerse Performance socks come with a breathable material to help the foot stay cool during activity.
Cushioned Base
A cushioned base to ensure maximum comfort for athletes.
Improved Circulation
Our design contains a tight compressed fit to allow for blood circulation to avoid swelling and numbness in the feet.
Moisture wicking
Our moisture wicking materials allow feet to stay dry.